Mugging the Earth

We are killing our planet with our shear numbers.

We don't care where our energy comes from. As long as it is not within sight of us, our homes. Nature is polluted/destroyed, as a unavoidable consequence of procuring energy, in any case.
Nothing for our children? Who cares, we got ours.

Rape of the land? Oh, hell No! Murder of the land is more like it! No matter what we do, that land cannot really be restored. Species, both plant and animal, driven to extinction can not be brought back. Oceans, fished out, are gone forever.
We even have people that want to tap into Old Faithful for geothermal energy. Come on now, is nothing sacred... Besides us arrogant humans, that is?
We remove mountain tops and fill in the valleys with the unwanted toxic rubble. We cover over pristine land with solar panels. Why not, nobody lives there anyway? Except for a few mice and cacti.
We devastate thousand year old forests to build wind farms, with a maximum life of 15 to 20 years.
We build huge dams, flooding hundred of thousands of acres. Stopping the migration of fish and stressing the chain of life that depend on those migrating fish.
We strip mine hundreds of thousands of acres of previously pristine land, to get at a toxic sludge that has to be heated and diluted, just to get it out of the rock that was dug out of the ground.
There is no such thing as a "Clean Energy Source". One way or another, they all have their costs on nature. Our arrogance, multiplied by our ever increasing numbers, are killing most other life on this, the only home we can ever know. We have become our own weed species, along with rats, crabgrass and dandelions.
The root cause of the energy problem is that our numbers have increased well beyond the numbers our planet can safely support and in our blind arrogance, we are getting desperate in our attempts at denying the obvious.