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Created 05/10/2014

Who is working for whom on Democratic Underground?

Like a cop made aware of a street gang beating up a victim, by the multiple 911 calls from the street gang. When the cop does arrives on the scene, he decides to restore the peace by shooting the victim to stop the violence of the street gang. The gang then takes their pipes and chains and retires to their lair for their celebration thread. Another "man" dead, one who apparently posted something that was objectionable to one of their leaders two years ago. One who could see what this Group were doing and refused to be intimidated by their bullying tactics.
"Gota 'nother one", they cry joyously! Time for yet another victory celebration in the "Safe Haven" of Democratic Underground's History of Feminism...

EarlG, the cop at the scene, apparently made no attempt at finding out the real cause of the brouhaha. The victim, trying to defend himself after a misplaced bout of empathy, on a subject he does knows something about, had no warning of the execution. BANG! You're dead. Problem solved, time for coffee and a doughnut. EarlG thinks...

He could have locked the thread. He could have hidden a post of the victim's to lock him out of the thread. He could have banned the actual flame baiting disrupters. He could have posted in that thread to knock it off. He could have read what I was posting there. But he did none of these things. He took the easy way out. He Banned the victim, based on the lies and innuendoes of the HoF.

And when he did that, EarlG just further empowered the local street gang causing most of the ruckus, with their broad brush Flame Baiting innuendoes and misandry in DU in the first place. The real victim in this instance, was victimized twice. First by the Hof, with their lies, trolling, bullying and made up responses, giving meaning not said, not meant and not in evidence in their victim's posts. And then again by EarlG, by not properly checking it out and banning me without any warning, any investigation, or any chance of defending himself. I was not the one being disruptive. The members of the HoF were. Because EarlG took the easy way out and did not read much of, or more probable, even not having read anything of what the real victim actually wrote in context, by taking the word of known DU Misandrist Trolls from the HoF, at face value.
The victim, trying to defend himself, on a discussion board yet, was being ganged up on by a gang of known man loathing disrupters that was apparently an unwanted distraction for EarlG. He banned the victim to restore the peace. Regardless of who were actually guilty of the disruption and TOS violations.
My crime? Advocating counselling to deal with the hurts, the PDST acquired because of rapes, bad marriages, dysfunctional relationships and dysfunctional upbringings. That's it. That is my crime. Letting people know there is help available for alleviating their pain.
For that, I incurred the wrath of the HoF... and then EarlG.

The DU banning notice read:
"Mar 31, 2014 Made some incredibly inappropriate posts in response to a rape survivor, including telling her she was "playing the victim card."
I would never do such a thing. There are no links by anyone to any of my posts to prove where I posted anything wrong in that thread. I never said nor posted any such thing either. I never said, nor implied the rape survivor was playing the victim card. Another post in another thread said I was "mocking a rape victim". I would never do that either. That is not me. I have never posted anything anywhere close to anything the HoF said I did.

The HoF leaders do not advocate counselling and in fact down play it. Why? Because the leaders use the PDST caused by rape, abusive relationships/marriages and dysfunctional upbringing, of the HoF members, for control, for when they want to swarm a thread, or a DU member that stands up to their BS. They use known triggers against their target and then let the swarm loose on them. In other words many of the HoF members are being used as tools by the HoF leadership. There should be a special place inside the Ninth Circle (Treachery) in Hell for the likes of BainsBains, seabeyond and boston bean and their supporting cohorts, for preying on and using hurting HoF members, suffering from various levels of PDST, from domestic abuse, for their own ends. Why don't they advocate counselling for those that need it, in the History of Feminism Group? The leaders never do. That would take away their main tool for control of their "Swarm".
The hallefrickenluya! victory celebration thread, had no links to anything I posted, in the thread in question, supporting their contentions against me. You just have to know they would have been all over any and everything I posted, if I really did post the things they said I did. I did NOT! And they were looking Searching all of DU, i.e., digging, for anything to further justify their celebration. They did not find much. One hide two years ago. No links to that either, just their say-so. I'm sure they even lied about what the hide was about too.
I was rail-roaded by the lies and innuendoes of the participating HoF members and banned by a DU Admin who couldn't be bothered to check to see what was actually happening.
Why are the DU admin so blind to the obvious trolling, discrimination and misandry of the HoF, that if it were against any other group, than mostly white men, the perpetrator(s) would be banned? Think about it. Substitute Women, Gays, People of Color, any number of other "disadvantaged" groups in place of "men" or even "white men" and see how long that would fly. But just men? Just white men? We are somehow fair game, exempt from the non-discrimination rules on DU, rules that apply to every other member. How is this itself not discrimination, white privileged or not? How is it not racist, when "White Privilege" is derided by name to put down a group of DU members, solely because they are mostly white, or men? Sexist because it is a group of women doing this.
Now that the term "rape Culture" has run its course, the term "white privilege" is being used by the Hof, to further denigrate the men they loath so much. How is this not in violation of the DU TOS?
Whether it is "Rape Culture", "White Privilege", whatever male loathing kick the HoF is currently on, they all have one thing in common - it is the man's fault. The women in HoF and women in general, are always the victim. We men can do no right. But sometimes their agenda doesn't go so well.
White Women do not share in the "White Dude" privilege? Really? That one is kinda hard to pull off without exposing the sexism of the Opening Post, boston bean being white and all.

Instead of working with others to correct the wrongs, to help each other, the HoF tear down, destroy, makes enemies of. "You are either with us, or against us". There is no in between with the HoF, it is their way or "you are part of the problem."

We are social creatures and as such we survive by cooperating and working together. Normal, emotionally healthy people, do not need an enemy to function. That is a Republican trait, seen all too often on Democratic Underground... And in the History of Feminism. Are we all not supposed to treat each other equally and with respect? Why is this one group exempted from the discrimination rules applied to everyone else on Democratic Underground?

"Sometimes you can't see yourself clearly,
until you see yourself through the eyes of others."
Ellen DeGeneres

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